Ankle Straps for Cable Machines by B2FIT PRO – Premium Padded Double D-Ring Ankle Cuffs for Gym Workouts – Fitness Equipment for Leg Exercises, Cable Kickbacks, Glutes, Weight Lifting for Men & Women

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To be the best you can be at the gym, you wish to have to have the right equipment that you can believe. Gain confidence in your workout accessories with these Extra Padded Ankle Straps for the Cable Machine from B2FIT PRO .

Created from 8mm THICK NEOPRENE and CUSTOM COLORED NYLON WEBBING , these cuffs for men and women feature heavy duty Welded DOUBLE D RINGS and strong, tear-resistant velcro for top of the range straps that are perfect for any cable exercise.

The improved design with extra-padding and fully adjustable straps leaves you in control of finding THE MOST COMFORTABLE FIT.

These foot straps for cable machines come with a ◄LIFETIME WARRANTY► against manufacturer defects.

Available in a SET OF TWO to prevent the need to change legs when working out.


  • ✅ 2 Extra-Padded Ankle Straps
  • ✅ 1 Carrying Bag

  • Ankle straps – 2″ w x 15 ½” L
  • Neoprene padding – 2″ w x 9 ½” L
  • Velcro – 2″ w x 6″ L
  • Carrrying Bag – 7″ w x 8 ½” L
  • Color: Pink
  • ADD TO CART NOW and receive a special CARRYING BAG so that you no longer need to worry about losing your straps or ruining the velcro.

    ✅ FEEL THE SOFTNESS AROUND YOUR ANKLES – We have upgraded the comfort factor of traditional ankle straps by adding 8 mm THICK NEOPRENE padding and making the velcro straps fully adjustable. Now you can easily adjust for different exercises on the cable machine, such as Glute Kickbacks, Single Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Leg Raises, Standing Ab Crunch, Cable Lunges, Thigh Contractions and Extensions and such a lot of more exercises!
    ✅ WORK YOUR GLUTES LIKE NEVER BEFORE – don’t be limited all over your leg workout by your old ankle straps for gym. Get the B2FIT PRO ankle cuffs pair that come with welded heavy duty DOUBLE D-RING and STRONG VELCRO for a better experience all over your gym training.
    ✅ VALUE PAIR – Nobody likes to switch their ankle strap for cable machines from one leg to the next in the midst of their workout, that is why you can be receiving a pair of two ankle straps to enrich your workout routine, and keep you focused on your goal. B2FIT PRO ankle straps for weight lifting is compatible with cable systems, functional trainers, resistance bands, cable crossover machines, weightlifting and more!
    ✅ OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION IS PRICELESS, so if for ANY REASON you don’t absolutely LOVE our Ankle Straps, just send us a message and we will be able to Refund or Replace your Purchase, No Questions Asked. BONUS – ADD TO CART NOW receive a specially designed CARRY BAG for your set of ankle straps.
    ✅ EVERYBODY AT YOUR GYM WILL WANT TO TRY THESE – We have improved upon the common ankle straps for cable machines design by INCREASING THE WORKLOAD AND ABUSE THESE STRAPS CAN TAKE. Created from custom colored 2 inches polyester webbing and 8 mm thick neoprene material, these cuffs feature heavy duty DOUBLE D RINGS and STRONGER VELCRO for a HIGHER QUALITY product that generates more stability whilst training, giving you confidence in your workouts and eliminating stress of equipment failure.













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