chattra Sky Feather Zabuton Meditation / Yoga Cushion

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Practice must be beautiful, meditation divine…


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Practice must be beautiful, meditation divine…


Indian artisans hand-block print Chattra zabutons in divine mix-and-match prints inspired by design elements of India’s historical palaces, forts and temples, traditional textiles, and spiritual practices. Crafted in ethical workshops in India the usage of traditional techniques, Chattra 100% cotton zabuton covers are lined with a 100% cotton liner and hand-packed in america with firm US-grown clean cotton.

Chattra zabutons provide comfortable leg and knee enhance all over meditation and pranayama practice; will also be used for padding and gentle enhance in shoulder stand and other asanas.

Sky Feather Zabuton Meditation Cushion celebrates the master craftsmen who carved leaves, flowers and other foliage into the solid stone doorway arches and borders of India’s mosques, palaces and old mansions. A feathery design very similar to foliage patterns found on the Udai Bilas Palace in Rajasthan, Sky Feather Zabuton Meditation Cushion comes in a warm shade of tranquil blue. Finished with illuminating orange detail and a colorful mirror tassel like those seen on the camels of Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert. Lovely in any home practice or studio interior.

About Chattra: Chattra collections include richly-colored, hand-block and screen-printed yoga props and bags celebrating India’s architecture, design, and spiritual heritage. Sanskrit for parasol, chattra symbolizes dignity and protection. In Buddhism, a chattra tops stupa monuments and continuously represents the Buddha.  The playful and profound elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha, remover of obstacles and Lord of Beginnings, continuously carries a Chattra.  Lovely meanings to give a boost to yoga practice.
Provides leg and knee enhance & comfort all over meditation & pranayama practice
Beautiful hand-block printed, artisan-crafted zabuton in beautiful sky blue
28″L x 28″W x 2.5″H; zipper close; integrated take care of adorned with festive Rajasthani camel tassel
100% cotton liner inside filled with US grown clean cotton
100% cotton covers made in ethical workshops in India; assembled in USA















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