Vibration Platform Machine 3D Fitness Dual Motor Vibration Mini Whole Body Fitness Plate Board with Remote Control & Resistance Bands for Balance Versatile Workouts 360 Degree Shake(1000W+1000W)

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Hi,there!This is Dr.Health here.


Then we can help you to know more about Dr. Health Square Balance Vibration Machine

Exercise a day, keep Doctors away.


  • Dimension:31.9*17.7*6.7 inch. 
  • Weight:40 pound.
  • Use it 3 times a week, 10 mins per time. You’ll be able to feel something different happening in your life. 

Only vibration sound without other noise; 

Two ways of vibration exercise(shaking from skin to organ,from feet to head. All of them will start exercise);

Three kinds of L modes(linear side to side): L1, L2, L3.

After press ON/START. You’ll be able to press “M” Instead of pressing “speed +”(save time);

Three kinds of H modes(triangular oscillation): H1,H2,H3.

TIPS: You’ll be able to press “M” to make a choice “L” OR “M”. And then You’ll be able to choose L1-3 OR H1-3 by pressing P1-3.

And next you want press “ON” to make the Auto program working. Notice: Throughout PRE-programs, you cant increase time or speed. And the time set normally is 10mins.

We do recommend you

USE this VM to chill out your muscle( after strength workout)

  • Burning your fat
  • Easy workout
  • Loosen yourself up
  • Body vibrating

Enjoying your Happy and Health life!

[TIPS]  make customers secure and health, it is our goal.

  • Dont just unplug the power cord when machine is still on!
  • Dont use machine right after meal!
  • Dont let child touch the board when vibration!

Its for the safety of you and your family. 

Contact us if there are troubles on machine that wish to handle. We are glad to help.

√ A functional remote controller make you enjoy convenient and secure.
√ 99 speed level with strong massager vibration. Movable wheel under machine can make us move machine more conveniently.
√ 8 kinds of pre-programs Dual motor include.L Mode: linear side to side. H Mode: triangular oscillation.
√ Original factory package:two exercise bands, a manual, one MP3 Line, one power cord and a remote controller.
√ Home use equipment:Large feet plate, Heavier machine And special design make machine stable, safe and sturdy.
















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