Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill

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The TT8 treadmill from Sole® offers a Cushion Flex shock-absorption Whisper Deck, which minimizes stress to hips, knees and ankles. It also comes with a Polar® chest strap to keep


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The TT8 treadmill from Sole® offers a Cushion Flex shock-absorption Whisper Deck, which minimizes stress to hips, knees and ankles. It also comes with a Polar® chest strap to keep you on the right track even as training, and a 15% maximum incline offers a variety of options for interval workouts.
In search of an extra-wide treadmill that’s ready for hard training? Look no further than the Sole TT8 non-folding treadmill. The TT stands for 22, as in a 22-inch-wide running surface designed to give users an extra-safe, comfortable feel. The running belt is the widest in the Sole catalog, and guarantees that almost any runner will feel confident whether walking at a slow gait or jogging hard. All Sole treadmills are outfitted with powder-coated, all-steel welded frames and heavy-duty, stable inclines. The TT8, alternatively, is more powerful than most, with an industrial-quality 3.5-horespower continuous-duty motor and an all-steel, zinc-coated balanced flywheel. Together, the components create a secure, quiet, vibration-free walking/running surface. The flywheel is also much heavier than most other brands, giving runners the fluid motion they’re accustomed to at the gym.


The TT8’s console includes a vibrant LCD display and an integrated sound system.

To accommodate runners with balky joints, Sole added its low-affect, whisper-quiet Cushion Flex system. The Cushion Flex system greatly reduces the affect to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine, making it comfortable for frequent runners or for users with running- and walking-related injuries. In a recent study, researchers concluded that the Cushion Flex deck reduced affect up to 40 percent as compared to running on asphalt. At the same time, the treadmill boasts a grated, reinforced framework that’s rated for users up to 425 pounds. Resilience and toughness, all in one.

The TT8 makes it easy to track your workout progress via the vibrant LCD display, which includes windows for speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace. The console also sports a 1/4-mile track and a peak-and-valley graph for different programs, in conjunction with an integrated sound system for listening to your iPod or MP3 player (the system includes built-in speakers and a sound cord that plugs into your player’s headphone jack). Perhaps the handiest feature is the integrated message board, which offers scrolling messages that walk you through the treadmill’s features or the workout itself. The message board will also recap your entire routine after you’re finished, so you’ll see your progress from workout to workout.

The TT8 comes complete with two heart-rate-controlled workout options, so you’ll customize the workout specifically to your needs. Right through your HR workout, the treadmill will display a heart rate zone graph on the console even as adjusting the incline to keep you in your target zone (the treadmill includes a wireless chest strap that touts a 99.9 percent accuracy rating). The remainder of the time, you’ll challenge yourself with the six automatic programs or two customizable programs.

In spite of everything, the treadmill includes a built-in cooling system that prevents overheating, allowing it to hold up to extra-long runs or back-to-back users. The sturdy design makes the TT8 suitable for light commercial applications, including as a training device for police or firefighters. Other features include built-in cooling fans, armrest speed and incline controls, and large 3-inch rollers. The TT8 is a non-folding treadmill, making it a great choice for homes with dedicated fitness rooms.

The non-folding treadmill offer Sole’s largest running deck at 22 by 60 inches.


  • Motor: 3.5 horsepower continuous duty, DC type, ultra high torque
  • Speed: 0.5 to 12 miles per hour
  • Incline: 15 percent maximum, rack-and-pinion gear design
  • Deck design: Cushion Flex shock absorption, whisper quiet
  • Running surface: 22 by 60 inches
  • Belt: Double-woven 2 ply
  • Rollers: 3 inches
  • Folding: No
  • Heart rate keep watch over: Yes, with wireless chest strap
  • Hand pulse grips: Yes, with armrest speed/incline controls
  • Display: Backlit blue LCD
  • Message window: Yes, scrolling info
  • Standard programs: 6
  • User-defined programs: 2
  • Heart rate programs: 2
  • Cooling fans: Yes
  • Capacity: 425 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32 by 80 inches (W x D)
  • Weight: 300 pounds
  • Home warranties: Lifetime on motor, deck, and frame; 5 years on electronics, belt, rollers, and other wear components; 2 years on labor
  • Warranties in light commercial setting: Lifetime on frame; 3 years on all parts; 1 year on labor

Non-folding treadmill with 3.5-horsepower continuous-duty motor
Vibrant LCD display with integrated speakers and audio cable
6 standard workouts, 2 custom workouts, and 2 HR-controlled workouts
Cushion Flex shock-absorption system; large 22-by-60-inch running surface
425-pound capacity; measures 32 x 80 inches (W x D); weighs 300 pounds





















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